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Airports / Transportation




San Jose

  • San Jose International Airport - SJO

    • 150 miles or 241 km to CoCo, 5 hrs 35 min driving time



  • Upon arriving in customs if you are visiting Costa Rica for less than 90 days you will need to show customs agent:

  • passport

  • local address where you are staying

  • proof of your return ticket home

  • If you live in Costa Rica and are not yet a resident (no Cedula card) you will need to show customs agent:

  • address where you live

  • you will need proof of a return ticket.  If you are not planning on leaving Costa Rica in 90 days you need to purchase a ticket at Onward Ticket which is acceptable for customs regulations. Click on Onward Ticket link

  • If you are a resident of Costa Rica and have your Cedula card, you will proceed to the right side of the customs area that will be marked as "Residents"

onward ticket.PNG

Don't have a return flight within 90 days??? No Worries...(approx $14/one way) verifiable flight info. (customs in costa rica need proof when you arrive that you are leaving within a 90 day time frame) This is NOT an actual flight but works for visa compliance GET A VERIFIED FLIGHT RESERVATION WITHIN 60 SECONDS Quickly book a Flight Reservation for your Visa Application. Verifiable on Airline's Websites.

Car Rental/Airport Shuttles & Golf Carts


Taxi & helpful car info



  • Taxi stand is located just outside of The Automercado - ONLY use Taxis that are RED in color with a       triangle (certified & trustworthy)

  •  When you find a good one get his card and continue to call him

note:  check cocochitchat and 

search "taxi" for more info & tips

  • Taxi fare - approx. 2,000 colones or 2 rojas from coco to ocotal

Car Wash / Lavar - there are several around town - Just look for the Lavar Signage - approx. 6,000 colones - they do a GREAT job!

Mechanics & Oil Changes   - click on link 

Gas Station / Gasolineria - there are 2 gas stations - ALL gas stations are full service - tips are appreciated!

  • Playas del Coco & Sardinal Mobil Station

yellow triangle.jpg

CoCo Bay Water Taxi...
provides daily water transportation throughout Papagayo Bay and many other destinations

water taxi.png
water taxi2.PNG
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