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Local Artisans
& CoCo4Expats Featured Artisan of the Month

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Meet Pam Donovan...
         Featured Artisan

Sol Stones Costa Rica
 WhatsAppa;   506 8404 2825

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I am a native Californian who moved to Coco with my husband Foster in
January, 2018. As you might guess, the transition from a bustling city and a
stressful work life to the relaxed pace we live in Coco can be a bit of a shock
to one’s system. Five years ago, this was my challenge. I hadn’t considered
that retirement life could get a bit boring after the newness of living in a new
country and exploring its beauty wore off. I talked it over with a dear friend
and came to the realization that this time in my life was my opportunity to do
something that brought me joy and gratification; something creative. But what
would that be?


That same friend that I lovingly call “My Sensei” introduced me to the art of
pointillism or dot painting. I took an immediate liking to this artform and
immersed myself into hunting for the perfect stones on nearby beaches and
then adding colors to their existing beauty. I had no idea that what I was doing
would even be “a thing” that others would want or appreciate.  So, without a
plan for what I was going to do with the finished gems, I just kept enjoying this
therapeutic outlet while stockpiling embellished stones and canvases in a
closet. I eventually gifted these treasures because I had so many. And WOW
– the number of delightful reactions were unexpected and oh so fulfilling! With
my newfound confidence and a bit of convincing from my friends and family,
Sol Stones was born.

I’m always experimenting with new dot painting techniques and surfaces to
produce more decorative options. In addition to natural stones, I also paint on
stones that I cast myself in various shapes like turtles, frogs, ovals and
Dot painting has given me a super cool way to tap into a state of flow and
calm while creating beautiful keepsakes to share with others.

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