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If you are 65 years or older... tell the guard and you will go to the front of the line

Banco National 


Insert your card take it out then reinsert and continue as usual.  No one will tell you this!!! It gives dollars and colones.  




Located at the entrance to Coco where the mega super is.  

Most Recommended

Most of the staff speak English.  You can get dollars or colones from the ATM which will speak English  

Opening accounts  

We opened an account at BCR very easily  with bank statements showing proof of funds,  passports and cash!!!  Even though it was easy be prepared to be patient as it can take a long time.  

bac san jose.jfif



 Located in the fusion shopping center. 

These ATMs also speak English but only dispense colones  


Currency:  Colones

Daily converter from US dollars to Colones

Just about everywhere will take your dollars but you’ll get change in colones.  It’s personal preference! 


A handy tip for all banks there will be a line for caja (cashier) and one for plataforma (more complex transactions).  If you just want the ATM you don’t usually have to line up.

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