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Cindy Kaminski...

Moved to CoCo June 2021

Hola... I’m Cindy, an Expat from the U.S., St. John, Indiana.  My husband Donald had been researching Costa Rica for years much to my non-interest.  During Covid he finally convinced me to visit.  We came to Costa Rica and literally fell in love.  We found an amazing realtor online that helped us narrow down the community that would most fit our needs.  On our second visit, we came to CoCo and found our dream home.  We went back to Indiana, sold our home in a day, and moved here with our clothes and our dog Chance.  We love our new life!

Fast forward to today... both Mandy and  I have learned so much about living in CoCo by asking a lot of questions and making a lot of mistakes.  Compiling all of this information into one place just made sense so we could share this information with others.  We hope you find this website useful!

"Don't live the same year 75 times in a row and call it a life!"  Pura Vida

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