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Meet Captain Mauricio Barrera & Lisa Farrell

We are so excited to share with you Captain Mauricio Barrera and Lisa Farrell.  Their story is a must read.  You will want to join Captain Mauricio and for your awaiting adventure...

Our Story...

North Pacific Tours...

Captain Mauricio has been working on the water his entire life and is a professional saltwater fisherman who spends his days fishing. He is fluent in English and has excellent communication skills, so there is no need to worry as he will immediately respond to your needs, answer any questions, and assist you with your children if needed.

Before working at North Pacific Tours, Mauricio was a divemaster for many years, and he knows how to read what is above and below the waters of the Papagayo Gulf.

Lisa is your contact person during your reservation process and is available to answer all of your questions regarding North Pacific Tours charters and Costa Rica. 

Lisa has lived in Costa Rica for over 19 years and has worked with North Pacific Tours since the beginning. She left NYC in 2004 to create a new life, seeking a job that would keep her outdoors and out on the water. She discovered Playas del Coco while taking her dive-master course and decided to stay after she was hired by a local dive shop. Lisa traded in her business suits and high heels for flip-flops and board shorts. An added bonus: no more dreaded two-hour commute. She now lives her dream!

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Contact Lisa...

We would love to show you our slice of heaven out on the Playa.  Contact us today

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