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Meet Carmen & Estevan

 Carmen & Steve Goldsmith,,,

So we showed up for our first meeting @ Paw House Roasters to have a meeting with Estevan.  We were early so Mandy and I were going to do a little work before our meeting was to start.  Esteven greeted us and said "so we are having a small tasting of our new menu - would you like to join us?  Little did we know that we were to be treated to an amazing display of yummy foods - like 10 courses. 

Estevan also educated on their love of coffee and the unique Paw Houses Roaster process.   What a treat and that is exactly the treatment that you will receive when you walk through the front door.  Carmen, Estevan and their staff are amazing!  Stop in Today!!

Get to know more about Carmen & Estevan

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Our Story...

Name:  Carmen & Steve Goldsmith

Nickname if any? Carmen y Estevan

Tell us about your Family?  We have 5 kids and 6 grandkids, spread out around the US

Where are you from?  Portland, OR

Where do you live?  Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Why did you move to CoCo and how long have you lived here?
We moved to Playa Hermosa in early 2019 in order to live our new seven-day-weekend life. We built a lovely house near the beach, with a calming view.

Do you have a job or own a business?  Tell us about it?
We are the founders of Paw House Roasters, a Coffee Shop and Bakery in Hermosa Heights. We opened in April ’22, and we now have a full restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, sweets, savory snacks and our Seven Day Weekend Mimosa Brunch. Our Pastry Chef is an ‘edible art’ master, and our custom cakes are tailor-made for any occasion. Our Event Venue (above the Shop) features Yoga, Pilates and a variety of hosted private events.

Do you volunteer in CoCo?  We volunteer and provide support throughout the Canton of Carrillo, primarily through our affiliated non-profit, Vida Sostenible Costa Rica.

Do you have any animals?  Well, they have us! Tess is the cat who came here with us from Portland.  Luna is the sweet soul who followed Steve home for the beach some time back. Cowboy is the tomcat who keeps our lot clear of pests.

What are your hobbies?
We were big into Home Coffee Roasting, then opened the business. So that hobby is now our avocation!

What are your favorite restaurants?
Paw House Roasters!

What is your favorite watering hole & drink?

Aqua Sport in Playa Hermosa, Imperial Original

What is your favorite beach and why?
Playa Hermosa, and the reason is contained in the name.

What is your favorite place to visit outside of CoCo?
Playa Hermosa, of course!

Tell us a fun story about your adventures in CoCo?
No adventures in Coco, but we once watched a garden worker in Playa Hermosa provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a young howler monkey who had hit the pavement (hard!). The little guy recovered after lots of love and attention!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
Most people do not know that we are not likely to share things that people do not know about us with people that we do not know. Now you know! 

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Contact Carmen &  Estevan

Stop at Paw House Roaster Today and meet Carmen & Estevan.  Tell then "Agent 99" sent you!

506 8379 4260

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