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Meet Hubert

The second you meet Hubert you are drawn in by his passion for what he does, his kindness of spirit and last but on least his accent.

Hubert shared with Mandy and I his background where his love of fishing and boating came from.

His Mission Statement really captures the essence of what how Hubert approaches his business and how he treats his customers.

Welcome to Baouli Ocean Adventures! 

We will show you with passion and commitment the wonders of Costa Rica from the ocean. Inshore and offshore sport fishing, whale, dolphin and manta ray watching, discovering the most secret beaches of Guanacaste, snorkeling, and beach barbecues with your own catch. Top notch service on board.

Our only goal: to engrave your experience with us forever in your memory.

Enjoy Hubert's Story...

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My Story...

 I am Hubert from Baouli Ocean Adventures. After living in Costa Rica twenty years ago and then pursuing many adventures in France, China and England, my wife, my son and I decided that we had to come back and settle down for good in this wonderful country. We are people of heart who live life with passion and when our decision was made a little less than a year ago, we packed our bags and shouted Baouli!

The name Baouli comes from an African legend that tells of a queen and her people who had to flee their village under attack and found themselves stranded on the banks of a river as they fled. Facing death, the queen implored the gods to help her people cross the river. The gods promised to help her in exchange for a sacrifice. She complied and when the sacrifice was made she shouted Baouli (we are saved) and the gods made a bridge of hypopotamus so that the people could cross the river and prosper on new lands.

About me:   Fisherman since the age of three and passionate about the ocean, wildlife, nature and boats, I love to share with my heart the wonders of Costa Rica seen from the ocean. I speak 4 languages and I am very open minded. Hardworking, always on time and always with the desire to please!

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My wife:   Christelle is an incredible person, creative, committed. She is our engine, our compass and our strength. She is the organizer and logistician in our activity.  

My son:  Stelian is a young boy of 12 years old, very intelligent, hyperactive, in love with nature and with a great sensitivity.

We live near Coco and arrived in June 2022. Our son adopted a dog from the street named Sky who has since become his best friend. We started Baouli Ocean Adventures in August after buying and renovating a beautiful, super comfortable and very versatile boat.

Our favorite restaurants in Coco (and Ocotal):   Sal y Fuego, Claudio y Gloria and Father Rooster.

Our favorite drinks: For me without a doubt the good old Margarita, for Christelle the Garden Secret cocktail. 

My last words:   Baouli Ocean Adventures' unique objective: To engrave in our guests' memories indelible memories of their experience on the ocean with us, whether it is fishing, a discovery trip or a private tour.

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Contact Hubert

Reach out to Hubert Today and book your excursion.  Don't forget to join our Perks Program and take advantage of a generous discount with Baouli Ocean Adventures. 

For more details about Baouli Ocean Adventures visit our boating & fishing pages.



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