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Costa Rica is now a top medical tourism destinations. The ministry of tourism recently announced that medical tourism accounted for 6 to 8% of the total of tourists who entered the country each year, including dentistry and plastic surgery. A good education system has played a big role in this recent shift.

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Medical, Dental & Optical

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PAY ONE GIVE ONE HEALTH CARE For each paid medical appointment at our clinic, we will DONATE one medical appointment to someone from the local community who cannot pay. You will be attended by our skilled, bilingual doctors, in our modern, air-conditioned clinic equipped with X-Ray and Ultrasound equipment, all for LOWER PRICES than other private clinics. our doctors can write prescriptions to be filled at CCSS/Caja, Costa Rica’s Public Health Service, if you are subscribed, saving you money. If you have International Health Insurance, you can receive reimbursement for our services. Check out our healthcare subscriptions below where you can save money on important healthcare services and help us help others. You will not only be receiving GREAT CARE, you will be part of a GREAT CAUSE. In addition to providing one free doctor’s appointment for every paid appointment, Mission Activation’s mission is to put God’s love into action by providing compassionate, holisitic and empowering programs that activate positive community transformation. You can learn more about our other programs, projects and partners by clicking on our logo at the top off this. page.

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Coco Medical and Dental Center was created in 2008 by DDS Daianna Morales and MD Hanzel Larios, it started as a dream to provide the best healthcare service to Playas del Coco community and all it visitors. As doctors and as members of this beautiful community our focus has always been in the people, connect and care for our patients has been a key ingredient in our recipe to success and this is a path that we walk together with our patients and community. As professionals in the healthcare industry we have a great responsibility and thats way we have always pursued the highest quality standards and cutting edge medical equipment. This is one of our main goals, to provide the best healthcare to our patients. We have reach this service level thanks to our patients confidence and we will continue working together with the same mystique and love that we have shared with you until this day.


Coco Beauty is a blend of hospitality, wellness and beauty; a place where we want you to be our protagonist and reason to keep falling in love with our work. We believe in global and holistic health and how we feel and look - is a key component to this. Therefore, we want to empower you to achieve a better wellbeing by making the physical changes you want. We want to be more than just the procedure you choose or want – we aim to provide you with an experience and be an ally to you throughout your beauty journey. Remember; you are your best asset.

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LS DENTAL specializes in restorative digital dentistry and dental implants. Dr. Ricardo López leads a group of professionals focused on providing the best service in the area. He considers himself passionate about his career, which keeps him studying and updating his knowledge in order to give his patients the best. For 10 years we have been at the front in terms of technology and knowledge, attending national and international trainings to be updated with the latest techniques, improving long-term treatments, taking care of every biomechanical detail, and providing first-class dentistry. We introduced digital procedures back in 2018, being pioneers of the era of Restorative Digital Dentistry in the Guanacaste region. Technology has led us to carry out more precise and safer treatments in terms of preparation and execution of treatments such as dental implants and oral- aesthetic rehabilitation. LS Dental was founded in 2011 in the town of Playas del Coco.

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Servicios Medicos Dr. Jorge A. Obando Sotela. My wife and I are available to serve you at our office. General Medicine Consultation, Licensing Dictators, Medical Certificates, Minor Surgery, Male and Female Liquid Cytology, Skin Biopsy Intake, among others. Plus Energy Therapies, Natural Treatments, Herbalism, Floral Therapy, Akashic Records Regression, Reiki, and much more! Appointments at 40337460 or WhatsApp 89288766!!!

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Welcome to Coco Dental Care Our mission is to guarantee a wide and proud smile in everyone who visits us. In Coco Dental Care we are committed to your oral health. That's why we offer the most modern equipment and the best treatments with international quality standards and satisfaction. Our services range from routine procedures, dentures, whitening and dental aesthetic to surgical procedures; executed by highly qualified professionals with a great spirit of service. Ask us about your needs and at no cost we’ll give you our professional opinion.


General optometry, fundus and intraocular pressure taking.
We have the service of specialties of Optometry: pediatrics, visual prostheses, low vision, visual therapy, contact lenses, ophthalmology

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Welcome to Aparicio Optica. My name is Dr Zaimy Lopez Aparicio...I was born in Cuba, I came to CR when I was 5 years old. I studied a bachelor's degree in Optometry, I have obtained some specializations in contact lenses, and visual therapies and others. I also studied audiology, and business administration with an emphasis in Human Resources, as my their career. I love studying and keeping up to date On May 27, 2022, one of my dreams came true, which was to open my own specialty clinic, optometry, audiology and speech therapy.

Dr Zaimy Lopez Aparicio
or Dr Zai
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