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Meet Pamela...

An Organization Making a Difference.  One Day at a Time.

We are an environmental organization, focused on reducing trash pick-up by 60% through responsible recycling solutions, education and participation. Recycle Hermosa works closely with the community to promote environmental awareness and responsibility.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world

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My Story...

Name:  Pamela Lewis

Nickname if any?  Pame (Locals call me this)

Tell us about your Family?  Single (divorced), 2 dogs & a cat.

Where are you from?  New Jersey

Where do you live?  Playa Hermosa.  I have lived in 3 different homes in Hermosa, all as a property owner (vs. renter)

Why did you move to Hermosa and how long have you lived here?  Originally came to Costa Rica in 2000 on a work assignment with Procter & Gamble in SJ.
Learned about the country and culture as an employee vs. a tourist. This was very valuable learning; understanding the culture not as a tourist helped me be a successful business
owner in Costa Rica.
In 2007 scrapped the whole corporate America thing and moved to Playa Hermosa with then husband and 2 dogs (we are divorced, and he lives here as a successful real estate agent).

Do you have a job or own a business?  Tell us about it?
Upon landing in Hermosa, I worked for a property management company, who went out of business absconding with all the company money and owners' funds over the Christmas holiday. Property owners were upset and in need, and then Milagro Management & Rentals was born providing property management & vacation rentals. I founded Milagro Management & Rentals with Jeffry, my co-worker at that time.  I enjoyed a very successful career until I
sold my portion in 2013. Property management is a brutal business here, between the harsh elements and North American client expectations in a developing country, make for a very challenging work environment.

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Do you volunteer Playa Hermosa?

I have been a volunteer in Playa Hermosa since I landed here, and involved with the Playa Hermosa Association as a Board member since 2008. The PHA worked to maintain the
roads, clean the beach (Playa Hermosa is a Blue Flag / Bandera Azul beach), support the school, plant trees, save the monkeys and create a social and artful community in Playa Hermosa. This work continues today with expat volunteers who work their passion for the
environment and community. Have you seen the amazing mosaic trash barrels on the beach? True works of art!

Do you have any animals?  2 dogs & 1 cat - all rescues

What are your hobbies?  Yoga, stand-up paddle, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, art, cooking, horseback riding, surfing,

What are your favorite restaurants?
This is always a hard question. So many restaurants come and go or lose consistency, especially with the service.
My favorites:  Hacienda Blu, Aqua Sport, Bosque del Mar, Masala, Villa Italia, Atizo & Peninsula

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What is your favorite watering hole & drink?
Honestly, since COVID I don’t go out that much anymore, although I’m an Aqua Sport fan, the beach always draws me in.

 What is your favorite beach and why? Flamingo
Gorgeous white sand and amazing waves.  I own an investment condo in Flamingo (as a business) and the area has really stepped up with the new Marina.

What is your favorite place to visit outside of Hermosa?
Rincon de la Vieja.  Love the mountains!

Tell us a fun story about your adventures in CoCo?

This is not exactly a fun story, but it qualifies as important. To be honest, during COVID it was amazing to be here. We were in our “Bubble”. Even though the beaches & restaurants were
closed, the sense of community that grew together was very significant and important.  At the very beginning of COVID when the borders closed, I knew we had to do something
quick to help those who made their living from tourism. My friend Carrie Enfield and I created and designed an entire process to feed the people in Playa Hermosa who really needed it.  For nine solid months, every other week, a small team of us distributed food packets to over 500 people in Playa Hermosa, which included: dry food staples, fresh eggs, fresh veg., paper products, and other donated items. We were consistent in our procurement, controls, and distribution. Super organized! Many thousands of dollars were donated by private donors for almost an entire year. I’m very proud of this great accomplishment to help my community.  

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m an accomplished Chef - my resume is too long to mention but I have the credentials & experience.

Current Volunteer work:
In Jan. 2019 I founded the Team: Recycle Hermosa.
Recycle Hermosa’s mission is to reduce trash by 60% through responsible recycling solutions, local education and participation by all.
The volume of beach trash is ridiculous, most of which is recyclable. Playa Hermosa has always independently cleaned its beach and has earned the Blue Flag / Bandera Azul award for a clean beach for many years. Recycle Hermosa started in 2019 with a motivated team who helped create awareness, including, hosting special events such as beach cleaning & benefit events, design and sell environmentally friendly water bottles, provide environmental Charlas in the school (charlas are “chats” or training), create a recycling process and work directly with the Municipalidad and local community to raise awareness and participation. Currently, Playa Hermosa has a very successful curbside, pick-up recycling program (administered by the Muni de Carrillo). This also includes recycle bins at the beach. The next steps include educating the general public to recycle!

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Contact Pamela...
+1 506 8302 0077

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 To learn more or get involved find Recycle Hermosa on Facebook & Instagram or send an email: 

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