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Are you looking for a way to help animals in need? Your Donation Makes a Difference!

What’s the best way YOU can help the animals of Playas del Coco?

By sponsoring a dog or cat at the next local low cost spay/neuter clinic next Sunday

There are 20+ animals that need your support at the upcoming Feb 19th clinic.

We need $45 per animal that will include antibiotics and painkillers after the surgery

Sponsoring an animal is easy... Donate by Paypal ( Sinpe or donating directly by contacting Natalia Salazar from AWARE (Animal Welfare and R Education) at 506 83641073

These clinics are held every 2 months in our community and your sponsorship helps the most number of animals by preventing future litters and reducing the number of animals that become homeless, neglected, starved or sick.

Shifting efforts to spay and neuter, along with a focus on education and awareness of animal welfare in local schools and the community, leads to a better outcome for the future of the animals of Playas del Coco.

Your donation to spay/neuter an animal helps both community animals, and strays, as well as families who want to be a part of the solution but are struggling and don’t have resources to be able to get their animals to the spay/neuter clinic. Preventing future litters is the most effective intervention that has the greatest impact to improve animal welfare in a humane, sustainable and long-term solution.

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