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Business Owner | Luis Alejandro | CoCo Beach Tattoo & Body Piercing

Updated: Feb 17

Name: Luis Alejandro

Nickname: I was known by Hanzo s

ince it was my nickname when I did street art.

Tell us about your Family: We are originally from Venezuela. My mother is a baker and pastry chef, my brother Israel is a tattoo artist just like me.

Why did choose CoCo and how long have you lived here? We moved here due to the difficult situation in our country. We were lucky to have a relative here who welcomed us and helped us to have a better life. Currently we have 7 years living in CoCo.

Do you have a job? I've been a tattoo artist for 15 years. Originally, I had 2 studios in my native country.

Do you volunteer in CoCo? Yes, I organize and support fundraising events for castration days.

You have animals? I have 4 beautiful cats.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing and playing the electric guitar.

What is your favorite restaurant? I think it is currently the masala.

What is your favorite drink? As incredible as it may seem, I don't drink alcohol, I like passion fruit juice.

What is your favorite beach? My favorite beach is Playa del Coco. It is across the street from my studio, sometimes I sneak out in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

What is your place to visit outside of CoCo? I like San Jose. As much as I love the tranquility of the coconut, I still have a part of me that likes the city.

Tell us a funny story of your adventures in the CoCo? There would be too many to count here, I'll save them to have a conversation during my tattoo sessions.

Tell us something that you let the whole world know? For the better or worse of some clients, the whole world knows that I like horror books and listening to heavy music.

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