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CAVA BAR & RESTAURANT | Playas del Coco | New Owners


Name: Ron Morrell & Molly Loe

Tell us about your Family? We are recently married and living full-time in Coco. Molly has nearly 30+ years real estate experience and Ron is a retired airline pilot and a former Air Force fighter pilot. We both have adult children (4 total and 2 grandchildren (and one on the way).

Where are you from? Molly (Minnesota) Ron (Michigan)

Where do you live? Full-time Coco

Why did you move to CoCo and how long have you lived here? Ron bought a

condo in Pacifico over a dozen years ago and then built a home in 2019.

Molly moved down here in 2022.

Do you work or have a business? Yes, Ron and I are the new owners of CAVA Bar & Restaurant and are also realtors with Tres Amigos.

Do you volunteer in CoCo? Yes, we have helped with many different events

especially with Tank Tops Flip Flops. Such as helping those truly affected by

the pandemic (food distribution).

What are your hobbies? Ron loves airplanes and Molly loves cooking.

What are your favorite restaurants? We love CAVA, Jali Bar, Masala Indian, Numu &

Papaya Goyo Seafood.

What is your favorite watering hole & drink? Well of course it’s CAVA!! Ron

loves a good scotch and Molly loves red wine!

What is your favorite beach and why? We really like Hermosa beach and

Matapalo beach. They are beautiful and quiet.

What is your favorite place to visit outside of CoCo? In Costa Rica, we love

Arenal and in the US, we like the Midwest (in the summer of course)!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you? Most people don’t

know that Molly has been an avid billiards player for about 20+ years. Ron is

very skilled in designing amazing houses.

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