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COCO Beauty | CoCo4Expats partners with coco beauty | Dr Diego Elliot


M.D., M.B.A. | Founder & CEO

Name: Diego Elliot

Tell us about your Family: My biggest blessing! I am fortunate enough to say that I come from a place of love. My parents had me at a very young age and gave it all for me to have the best education and resources to thrive in life. We now enjoy a very close relationship and I travel to San José (where they are) frequently to be around them. I also have a younger sister who actually also lives on the beach – we both left my parents’ house at a similar time to be closer to the ocean. She is my partner in crime and knows absolutely everything about me. She is the person I will go for an advice or a rational opinion.

Where are you from: San José, Costa Rica

Where do you live: I divide my time between Coco Beach and San José

Why did you move to CoCo and how long have you lived here: I moved to Coco during the pandemic to be closer to the ocean.

Do you have a job or own a business:  Yes and it’s my baby - Coco Beauty is the clear example that dreams do come true. It has led me to explore my life as an entrepreneur and learn so much about me. What I do enjoy most about this journey has been noticing that every day is different than the other – there are so many tasks and duties which make my day entertaining.

What are your hobbies: Cooking, traveling, working out, eating out, mixology and wine, seeing friends and hosting.

What are your favorite restaurants: Atizo, Isolina (SJ), Sugoi

What is your favorite watering hole drink: Probably Buchon in San José and Moscow mules or Aperol Spritz

What is your favorite beach and why: I used to love Playa Bonito because it is close to my residence and use to be lonely (no one there) but it got popular and therefore crowded. However, it is still my favorite because of the sunsets.

What is your favorite place to visit outside of CoCo: Probably Arenal or La Leona Waterfall

Tell us a fun story about your adventures in CoCo I rescued a dog for 3 days until he ate all of my plants.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you: I’m a nomad and usually get bored from being in the same place for too long. That’s why I enjoy so much traveling and learning about new cultures, trying new foods and meeting new people. Ever since I was a kid – I have always enjoyed empowering people and making them feel secure which furthered my specialty in esthetics.



Coming Soon - Cocktail of the Week with Dr Elliot & coco beauty

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WhatsApp: 506 6411 1503

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