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CoCo4Expats brings the BEEF with Diego's Brand Best Meats | Fresh Quality Meats | Playas del CoCo


Let's Meet Diego

Name: Diego Barahona Bell

Tell us about your Family:

My father has always lived in coco, my grandpa and grandma where among the first people to live in coco, they used to own a hotel called Hotel Luna Tica, it was right in front of the beach and now is where the park Amor de Teporada is.

Where are you from: Playas del Coco, CR

Where do you live: Playas del Coco

I have lived I coco my whole life, laid back lifestyle and being close to the beach are why I stay.

Do you have a job or own a business: Diego´s Brand is a family-owned store that sells premium beef as well as Angus cuts, we thought it was a great project because before us good meat was difficult to find locally, and we love a good steak.

Do you volunteer in CoCo: I volunteer with the TSE when there are elections

Do you have any animals: Yes 2 dogs

What are your hobbies: I enjoy going to new places with my family, both beach and mountain settings, grilling meat with my friends when there is a soccer match and playing online video games with my friends.

What are your favorite restaurants: Zi Lounge and Bar El Ancla

What is your favorite watering hole & drink: Bar El Ancla, Imperial Light

What is your favorite beach and why: Ocotal, it has great natural rock pools for the kids

What is your favorite place to visit outside of CoCo: Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna

Tell us a fun story about your adventures in CoCo: I love the warmth from the people in coco and that there is always something to do either at the beach or in the local park,

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you: My favorite movie franchise are the Jurassic Park series.


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