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CoCo4Expats is Chilin with Pacific Air Solutions | #1 Recommended!

Welcome to Luis Mendez - Owner of Pacific Air Solutions - Our #1 Choice for your Air Conditioning Solutions!!

Name: Luis Mendez

Tell us about your family: We are a Family of four, my wife and my two boys, one is 14 and the youngest is 6, they are very special.

Where are you from: We are from the South of the country, Pérez Zeledón.

Where do you live: I live near Filadelfia.

Why did you move to Coco and how long have you lived here: I moved to Guanacaste to work at Coco for better opportunities for my business and I have worked here for more than 3 years.

Do you have a job or own a business: I have my own business, I am a HVAC Technician and owner of Pacific Air Solutions

Do you volunteer in Coco: Yes, I volunteer with CoCo4Expats as they work to beautify CoCo

Do you have any animals: Yes, I have a dog and two cats.

What are your hobbies: I don't have too much free time right now, but I like to watch T.V.

What are your favorite restaurants: My favorite restaurants are Donde Mario Sea Food Steak House and Taqueria Mazatlán.

What is your favorite drink: Really, I don't drink but sometimes I drink Michelada.

What is your favorite beach and why: Our favorite beach is Coco beach because it is a nice place for children to enjoy themselves and find everything to eat.

What is your favorite place to visit outside of Coco: My favorite place is Nicoya, it's a beautiful city rich in culture.

Tell us a fun story about your adventures in Coco: Last year we had fun at the beach, we played soccer and suddenly a strange dog stole our ball. We spent a lot of time running behind the dog to get the ball back.

Tell us something that most people don't know about you: The first year here, I was five months without work during the pandemic. Another thing might be that I love animals.


Pacific Air Solutions

Luis Mendez

506 8476 9329

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