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CoCo4Expats joins forces with Ideal Balance | Sheila D. Bell | Playas del CoCo

Meet Sheila D. Bell

Balance Ideal

Balance Ideal is a meeting place for people interested in improving their wellbeing. Services and community oriented toward self-improvement and elevated mental and spiritual states support participants in their journey of healing.

Principal modalities include:

Lifestyle and nutrition coaching

Tai chi chuan and Qigong practice for stress reduction, pain management, physical improvement and self-defense.

Energy healing sessions

Essential oil education and clean product use for body and home.

Cacao supplements and ceremonies

Reconnecting with nature


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Nickname? Many of my students from 15 years of high school teaching call me Profe Sheila, in the USA they called me Mz. Bell, and my current students call me Sifu, Coach, or Teacher.

Family? I live in Playas del Coco in the home my husband and I built 30 years ago (Our home is in Barrio Monteseco, Playas del Coco) with 4 large dogs. We have two adult children within 45 minutes and three grandchildren. My husband is Freddy Barahona, lawyer here in town and owner of Solo Bueno (Cata Cacao, Artisanos) and Diego's Brand Best Meats. We also have a couple cacao plantations in Bijagua for cacao and tourism.

I am from: I grew up in Texas and lived in north Dallas, Richardson, Sherman, and Galveston.

Why Playas del CoCo? I moved to Playas del Coco to marry my husband in 1992.

Career: I am a Clear Tai Chi Regional Organizer, Tai Chi Instructor, Qigong Energy Healer, Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, Face Yoga Method Instructor, and Independent doTERRA Distributor. I studied Marine Biology at Texas A&M and hold certification to teach Science and ELL 8-12 as well as online teaching. My business is called Balance Ideal. You can find me at I consider myself a lifestyle guide. My services include branches of physical and energetic exercise, self-defense, partner work, energy healing, stress lowering techniques, transformative habits, health treatments, support sessions, cacao communion, group work, and retreats. I also collaborate with Cata Cacao to produce a line called Rainbow Barrs from Balance Ideal Cacao, available in Solo Bueno together with a small selection of natural skin products (hand gel, deodorant, repellant, and skin/lip balm).

Volunteer? I love to help people ready for change and they seem to find me when they are ready. My husband and I were founding members of the local Lion's Club.

Pets? We have four dogs at home and each of our children have two more. At the farm we have two more dogs, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks as well as all sorts of wildlife.

My main hobby: is crochet, but I also consider the chocolate making and product development a bit of a hobby. I also love to connect and explore with others in nature. I am endlessly curious about the world around us.

My favorite restaurants: Johann's Bistro, Guayoyo Coffee House, Java Café, Mar Azul, Viva Italia, Coconuts, Loma Linda, Maracuya, Posada Real Café and Callejero.

My favorite drink: I like the Sunrise smoothy from Johann's Bistro, and the frappe coffee from Java Café

My favorite beach: Playa Azul at Bahia Pez Vela because it is not crowded, and Maracuya Beach Club is a fun place to eat.

My favorite place to visit outside Playas del Coco: Bijagua de Upala because the climate is mild, and the air is amazing. Everything is so green. I have a platform on our farm so I can take people to do Taichi up in the rainforest.

A funny story: When I got to Coco, there were no full-sized grocery stores! I've seen a lot of change here.

What most people don't know about me: Few people remember that when I first got here, I worked with Hal and Marsha at Langostinos Koko as the nursery manager.


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