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Need Advice for Residency in Costa Rica??? Look no further than J&J Consulting Services Inc.

Advisers for Strategic Solutions for Residency & More

A Little About Us...

Hello, we are Canadian friends who saw a need to make the Immigration process in Costa Rica easier to navigate, and in true Canadian fashion, decided to jump in and offer a solution.

At the kitchen table in Playas del Coco, J & J Consulting Services Inc. was born through the frustration expressed in a conversation about Jeannette’s experience in facilitating temporary residency in Costa Rica for herself and her husband. In reviewing the trials and tribulations that Jeannette and her husband experienced, we drafted a plan, did a lot of research and had a lot of discussions with people who have had similar not so great experiences. We teamed up with the right people and created the magic formulas necessary to obtain the correct documents and complete all necessary steps in Costa Rica to successfully present an application for temporary residency in Costa Rica.

Jeannette’s background is 25+ years in the Canadian Banking System and operating her own small business of bookkeeping and income tax. Jennifer’s background is 28 years of Marketing and Marketing/Sales Management

We are proud to say that more than a year later, after the first kitchen table conversation, we are offering our services and support to anyone who is seeking to present an application for temporary residency in Costa Rica.

We are advisors for strategic solutions for residency plus more with complete transparency.

It is our aspiration to expand beyond the immigration process by offering a multitude of services in supporting anyone who is moving to or living in Costa Rica as an Expat. Stay tuned for the launch of our blog and Sign up for our Newsletter "What's New" featuring more details, tips, and new services that we will be offering soon.

We are grateful to be living the Pura Vida Lifestyle and Supporting those that want to, too.

J&J Consulting Services Inc. (

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