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CoCo4Expats Partners with Rocket Frog Scoots | Getting Around in Style!

Introducing Rocket Frog Scoots: Where Sea Meets Street!

At Rocket Frog Divers, we've always been passionate about offering unique and unforgettable experiences to our guests. From scuba diving among stunning sites to encountering exotic marine life, we're committed to helping you create memories that last a lifetime. Now, with the launch of Rocket Frog Scoots, we're bringing the same spirit of exploration and exhilaration to the land as well!

Our new onsite scooter rental service lets you seamlessly transition from the exhilarating underwater world to the vibrant streets of your destination. Imagine surfacing from an awe-inspiring dive and swapping your fins for wheels in a matter of minutes. Whether you're looking to explore local attractions, find hidden gems, or simply cruise along the coastline with the wind in your hair, Rocket Frog Scoots has you covered. Daily Rental $30.00, Weekly $180.00, Insurance $50.00(optional ), No Deposit Required WhatsApp +1-315-222-8801 Ride Today!

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