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Studio Margaret | Yoga | Photography | Videography | Playas del CoCo

Welcome Studio Margaret to Coco4Expats! We are so excited to share you and your businesses with our community. Check out our Perks Page for your Perk with Studio Margaret (10% OFF any Service)

Name: Margaret Renata Aulejtner

Business name: Studio Margaret

Family: My parents live in Poland in beautiful house and spend a lot of time around their beautiful garden. They visited me once in Costa Rica and they loved it. My brother moved with his wife to Finland first and then to Luxembourg.

Where Am I From? I am from Poland and I lived in Norway for more than 12 years and have Norwegian citizenship as well.

Where Do I Live? I live in the Coco area. I move to Costa Rica because of many reasons. I fell in love in Costa Rica, nature, life, and as well as my partner. I saw my opportunity to live more freely and do more of what I love to do.

What Do I Do? I am freelance professional photographer - videographer as well as yoga teacher. I love both and practiced both. I’m artistic soul and love to practice things that makes me feel good and I love to share it to make other people happy and feel good as well.

Hobbies: surfing, kitesurfing, skating, snowboarding, freediving, scuba diving, cooking, painting.

Favorite Restaurants: vegan gluten free :) in coco: Guayoyo, Santorini, Masala, Le Coq, Pura Vida.

Favorite Drink: I love natural drinks, such as natural juices, orange, or smoothies, and Pipa, and açaí

Favorite Beach: Right now probably playa Blanca. It’s close to me, beautiful, calm and little people. Ocotal is nice for snorkeling/ freediving. For surfing playa avellanas, guiones, grande or witches rock.

Favorite Place Outside of CoCo: Poza los coyotes. It’s calm, cooler beautiful blue water, it’s just mesmerizing place and close to coco. Other is hot springs to relax 😎 and la fortuna.

Share an Experience: I was traveling to waterfall santuario on the other side of Vulcan Rincón de la vieja. It’s so beautiful there. However what was most interesting is that we were back and suddenly I felt kind of earthquake and heard explosion. I looked at the horizon towards the vulcanó and it erupted! It was such a magnificent and magical view. The power of nature. Later on we saw magma going down the river in the town. It was such an experience and how rare!

Something You Don't Know About Me: I had terrible accident and broke my elbow terribly. I had 3 operations but never gave up. I never wanted to have non functional hand so I always worked on that, and never stop. It was trauma for me but it taught me a lot. Yoga helped me to recover but also improve in any other sport I do.

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