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Taru at the heart of Suitree Luxury Hotel | Sardinal | Costa Rica | Partners with CoCo4Expats

Discover Taru, where the essence of Costa Rica comes alive in a gastronomic journey that celebrates the country's rich heritage and vibrant flavors. At the heart of Suitree Luxury Hotel, Taru embodies the "Soul of Costa Rica" in a truly unique dining experience that is local, passionate, and luxurious. Dive into a culinary adventure inspired by the ancient Chorotega culture, native to the Mesoamerica region. Taru, meaning "Us" or "Nosotros" in Spanish, brings forth the best of Costa Rican traditions, showcasing the proud legacy of our ancestors. From the fertile lands of the Chorotega region, our menu revolves around three key pillars: fresh produce, locally sourced ingredients, and innovative techniques.

Our commitment to freshness ensures that no canned, processed, frozen, or stored products ever reach your plate. Instead, you'll savor the authentic taste of Costa Rica in every bite, from fruits, vegetables, and tubers to fish, coffee, and grains. Taru's gastronomic concept is intricately woven into the fabric of Costa Rica's native settlements. By tracing the latitude of these settlements, we've created a unique map encompassing the entire country and its diverse flavors. The Caracara, a majestic bird that soars from North to South America, serves as our symbol, granting us the freedom to introduce "world" ingredients and concepts that elevate our culinary traditions.

Our chic and luxurious logo effortlessly conveys Taru's essence, incorporating deep, peaceful green tones inspired by Costa Rica's lush nature and earthy brown and grey hues that pay homage to our treasured fruits, tubers, vegetables, seeds, and grains. Indulge in the "Soul of Costa Rica" at Taru, where ancestral flavors meet luxury in a captivating fusion. Our passionate and attentive team will guide you through a sensorial experience like no other as you immerse yourself in the local aromas, colors, and flavors that unite us. In the tranquil ambiance of Taru, you'll discover the ultimate gastronomic experience that genuinely embodies Costa Rica.

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As children, our treehouse was a place of mystery and magic, where we kept our deepest secrets and cherished the most memorable moments. It was our sanctuary, a place to escape the stress and worries of the world and reconnect with our true selves. Today, Suitree [Suite + Tree] offers a modern take on this timeless idea, providing a serene and peaceful space to disconnect and rediscover your inner peace. It takes 10,140 km2 of Costa Rican land. Packed with lush green landscapes and fertile soil, Guanacaste is the heart of hardworking and warmhearted people. Handcrafted items, hours of agriculture, and service to tourists; move the economy of this piece of land—a land that still looks back at its roots; the Chorotega. Suitree Hotel is your gateway to paradise! Nestled in the stunning town of Sardinal, just ten kilometers from Playas del Coco and surrounded by delightful beaches boasting unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean - like iconic Playa Hermosa, serene Ocotal Beach, dreamy Conchal Beach, and buzzing Tamarindo

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