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Meet Tatiana

If you need an attorney... look no further than CoCo Group Legal Services!

Mandy & I had the opportunity to meet Tatiana in her CoCo office.  She has such a passion and commitment to go above and beyond in her legal practice.  Tatiana makes you feel so comfortable and informed in a sometimes overwhelming process.


Tatiana is a trusted attorney and advisor and together with her husband Paul, who heads up the Property Management & Rental side of things are the perfect complement of services to assist you!

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My Story...

Name?   Yerlyn Tatiana Mena, but everybody call me Tatiana.

Tell us about your Family? Recently married with Paul Mora who also is my partner, no children, 2 beautiful Golden Retriever. My husband have 3 children’s. we love spend time in the beach, do catamaran as often we can. My husband is road bike cyclist and last year won the national title of champion in time trial also this year won the Guanacaste championship.


Where are you from?  Belen de Carrillo, Guanacaste. 100% local


Where do you live? We live in Liberia since 2017, I used to live in Coco in 2014 when I start the business.

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Do you have a job or own a business?   My husband and I own the company Coco Group and we provide: legal services, since 2014, Property Management & Vacation rentals. Since 2019 I am a lawyer since 2013 and notary since 2015. when I move to live in Coco in 2014 I decide to don’t work for the government and open office and since them I am here, I love coco and I love to help expat’s. Many people trying to take advantage because the lenguaje and I hate that. I have a lot of friends that are expat’s.

Tell us about it?   Coco Group was created with the porpoise to provide services beyond the regular standards. Service with constant communication with the client, go further in any need the client could have from the moment they decide to move here or invest here. I love to meet all the clients in person, provide a service face to face.

Paul Mora, the Manager takes care of the property management and vacations rental business. We are expanding and we would like to have associates and more collaborators. We want to expand our horizons and help many clients from the simplest to the most complex way, ensuring that they can find everything they need in one place.

Do you have any animals?  yes, 2 golden retrievers


What are your hobbies? shopping of course, sit on the beach and watch the sunset, movies, long walks with my dogs.


What are your favorite restaurants? La dolce Vita, Foodnication, Maracuya, sabor porteño in liberia.

What is your favorite watering hole & drink?  Foodnication and I love gin & tonic - red wine.

What is your favorite beach and why? Flamingo - is just stunning, white sand and the best sunset you can have. I can be all day here doing nothing.

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Contact Tatiana & Paul:
+506 8457 7008
Office:  +506 4030 0230

located 50 meters North from Banco National, Plaza Nino, local #4, Playas del CoCo

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